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When Supertrain Had The Night Off...

Cher and Other Fantasies NBC TV-Special
March 7, 1979
Barely settled into its new Wednesday night 8pm slot, "Supertrain" is missing for what would have been its fourth week on the NBC schedule.  In its place was a rather bare Cher starring in the one-hour variety special "Cher...And Other Fantasies" with Special Guest Stars Lucille Ball, Elliot Gould and Andy Kaufman.
TV Guide March 3-9, 1979
March 21, 1979
Another week passes with no "Supertrain" on NBC.  Wednesday March 21st saw the 8pm slot held down by "Little House"-star Michael Landon narrating a documentary "Killers of the Plains" about cheetahs, hyenas, jackals and other predators of Tanzania's Serengeti.  Fans did get a minor "Supertrain" fix with some awesome color pictures and the TV Guide article "SUPERTOY" featured in that week's edition of the magazine with Mike Farrell and Alan Alda of "M*A*S*H" on the cover.
NBC's "Brothers And Sisters"
March 28, 1979
Out for its "re-tooling," NBC fills the Wednesday night 8pm slot on this week in early spring '79 with a failed sitcom.  The success of Universal's big screen John Belushi comedy "Animal House" in 1978, sent the TV networks to college frats in search of ratings.  ABC had the closest clone in "Delta House" that actually featured some of the cast of the movie "Animal House."  NBC had "Brothers and Sisters" starring Jon Cutler, Randy Brooks, Chris Lemmon, Amy Johnston, and Mary Frances Crosby.  Lemmon was Jack's son and Crosby was Bing's daughter, destined for better exposure over at CBS in the near future as J.R.'s mistress Kristen on "DALLAS." 
TV Guide March 24-30, 1979
May 19, 1979
NBC used the Saturday 10pm slot to air a pilot they didn't buy for the fall 1979-80 season, rather than let "Supertrain" roll.  The pilot promted as featuring "Pistol-Packin' Ladies" starred "Welcome Back, Kotter"-wife Marcia Strassman with Colette Blonigan and James Spinks and was titled, "The Nightingales."